Informed Storytelling

"Everyone has a story to tell. Because Janet is genuinely interested in what moves each person to pursue their passion, her subjects respond positively to her. That response is reflected in her stories, which are carefully researched and thorough, yet sensitive—a somewhat rare combination."

Gretchen Piston Ogden Former Managing Editor Maine Boats, Homes & Harbors


Are you ready? Our bags are in the car. Water and snacks, too. Don’t forget your sunglasses and camera. Let’s go!

…to Halifax, Nova Scotia. (Boston Globe)

…to Boston (Halifax Magazine)

…to Portland, Maine. (Wellesley Weston Magazine)

…with FDR and Eleanor Roosevelt to their Beloved Campobello Island (Maine Boats, Homes & Harbors)

…and remember what it was like for many travelers Rock Rest: Pre-Civil Rights Vacation Destination (Maine Boats, Homes & Harbors)

Books make great holiday gifts! Could be that my Maine’s Museums:  Art, Oddities & Artifacts is just what you need. Maine Magazine’s review:

In her thorough, affectionate, and engaging exploration of Maine’s obscure and popular museums, Janet Mendelsohn provides an excellent guide to navigating Maine’s wealth of history and art. The book eloquently reminds us of Maine’s dedication to its art, culture, and history, and the importance of looking back as we continue to move forward.